Client Case Studies

Andy Hoggard 30 runs a Construction Company from Sheffield. I run a successful construction company and I’m totally open with my family and friends about having treatments to keep me young looking. There is an element of competition in today’s market and when meeting potential clients I feel the pressure to look good and looking good is now becoming more important than ever. Indeed in meetings with clients, to look good shows a level of professionalism which counts in the boardroom right through to the building site. The treatments I have keep me looking refreshed; I feel that my looks are an important part of my business. People do judge on appearance, when I’m in meetings I want to look the best I can be. A suit is seen as professional attire therefore why can’t my looks be in keeping with a sharp suit! You wouldn’t go into a meeting without being dressed well or with your hair all over the place, I take great pride in my appearance and I think clients notice this. If you are well presented this shows that you mean business and I do think it reflects on how you work. People may have the idea that its celebrities having cosmetic surgery but it is the opposite – Mr and Mrs Average and businessmen and women are having treatments. People from all walks of life are now more body conscious than ever.

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